LOST VIDEO: Billy Joel Jokes About Wife Leaving Him

As RadarOnline.com was first to report, Billy Joel, 60, is divorcing his young wife, 27-year-old Katie Lee, and now we can show you lost video of Joel actually joking about being dumped by his wife!

Click here to see photos off Joel’s ex-wives.

Flashback to October 16, 2008.  On that day,  the piano man and Katie  were leaving a restaurant in Miami and stopped to chat with paps. When Katie leaves Joel, she says “Goodnight honey. I’ll see you at home”.  Billy responds jokingly: “Goodnight honey, I’ll see you at home? Isn’t that what Madonna said to what’s-his-name?” (refering to Madonna’s ex Guy Ritchie

The pap then comments: “Uh oh… does that mean she’s leaving you?”

This is the third marriage for Joel. He and Katie have been married for nearly five years.

Divorce papers have not been filed yet, but are expected to be filed shortly.

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