Is Justin Timberlake Going Gwyneth On Us?

Justin Timberlake has been updating his Twitter account more frequently of late, directing followers to his official website. Normally this wouldn’t pique our interest, but JT’s been dishing out his faves in music, tv and film, advice on the best fashion blogs and even tips about his golf game. It got us thinking — is Mr. Sexy Back taking the Gwyneth Paltrow route?

In her weekly lifestyle newsletter Goop, Paltrow offers up wisdom on health, travel and fashion as well as insights into her A-List life. Justin and his site staff are giving off the same vibe.

Take a recent post entitled “Fun, Quirky Furniture Decoration Ideas.”

“We’ve all had messy, sloppy, organizationally-challenged days. So here’s some unconventional furniture ideas to help keep your pad creatively clean,” the intro reads, followed with snaps of various large-scale storage installations.

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On his trusty Callaway golf clubs (which he endorses), Timberlake says, “Their equipment has gone up in performance tremendously over the last couple of years. But also they are a really progressive brand as far as the sport goes. I appreciate that.”

Keep your eyes peeled, JT fans — next thing you know it’ll be soul food recipes and “Perfect Date” ideas with Jessica Biel. (Photo: Zuma Press)

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