Jesus Luz: Is The Ego Landing?

After months of post-divorce playing with Brazilian model Jesus Luz, Madonna‘s image is softening as she opens her arms to receive new baby Mercy James.

Luz, however, has only had time to develop his career and–possibly–his ego.

After a chance casting in a W magazine photo shoot with Madonna, shot by longtime Madge collaborator Steven Klein, Jesus skyrocketed to runway fame.

He’s booked Dolce & Gabbana campaigns, attended Anna Wintour‘s Met Gala on the arm of the pop queen and become the star of any fashion week he’s booked for.

In a recent interview with a Brazilian TV outlet, however, Luz had no interest in talking about the relationship that made him.

“Are you alone? How is your heart?” a sweet blonde anchor asked the hunk.

Jesus immediately left the building.

Check out the divo moment above, and decide for yourself–does this pretty face have a swollen ego?

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