It’s Official: Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant! Has She Been the Hottest Bikini Bunny of All?

Yes, its true — a bunny is pregnant with an eagle.

Playboy beauty Kendra Wilkinson announced Wednesday that she is expecting her first child with her fiance, Philadelphia Eagles wide-out Hank Baskett. The pair is still expected to keep the sexy factor up front and center. For starters, their June 27 wedding will be held at the Playboy Mansion, practically guaranteeing a parade of scantily-clad beauties.

Kendra is the first of Hugh Hefner’s Girls Next Door ex-girlfriends to get pregnant, beating Holly Madison, who had hoped to marry Hefner. So let the debate begin now: who had the hotter bikini body, Kendra or Holly? You be the judge:

Click here for a look at Holly vrs. Kendra in a bikini showdown!

Clearly Kendra has moved on and so has Holly, as Hef has moved in new girlfriend. So how do Holly and Kendra rate against some of Hefner’s beautiful girlfriends from the past? (Photo: WENN)

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