Inside Johnny Depp’s 46th Birthday!

In Puerto Rico filming his next film The Rum Diary, Johnny Depp go a surprise after a day of filming on his birthday on June 9. Shooting in a building in the Old San Juan district of the country’s capitol, Depp was drawn out onto the balcony as a street filled with musicians and well-wishers serenaded him, starting with the shouted greeting, “Feliz Cumpleanos, cabron!”

Click on the video to watch the surprise!

In shock, the actor smiled and hugged his pals as the music played before blowing out the candles of his birthday cake. Shortly after, he went downstairs to a waiting vintage convertible with a guitar in the driver’s seat. Judging by the oversized card on the windshield, it looks like the movie star got one heck of a present on top of the surprise!

A little before 9 pm, Depp made his way through the crowd- greeting and hugging people as he went- and hopped into a waiting car to continue the festivities elsewhere.

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