Gisele Pregnant: We Told Ya So!

We don’t like to gloat. (Ok,  yes we do, but let’s go with the humble thing for now…) But on May 23 we reported exclusively that supermodel Gisele Bundchen was pregnant with superduper quarterback Tom Brady’s baby.

Everyone was happy, happy. But then Tom and Gisele denied our report, with Tom saying, “One is enough. I’ve got dogs. That’s all I need.”

Saavy media watchers knew that Tom and Gisele also denied they were engaged, just weeks before they married. So while they may have super genes, they don’t always feel compelled to be truthful.

Now,, in a story headlined Only On is reporting that Gisele is pregnant!

Oh, by the way did we mention that one of the first sites to try to knockdown’s now undeniable exlusive was Zzzzzzzz!  Normally we wouldn’t mention this but they just seem so obsessed with us over there that we thought we’d say hi!

Once again, congrats to the couple.

(Photo: Splash News)

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