Free Hair Cuts For Fathers Who Have Lost Their Jobs

With Father’s Day around the corner and many American Dads out of work, a popular company in NY, Reamir & Co.,  just announced “Free Hair Cuts for Father’s who have lost their Jobs in the Economic Recession.” June 16th and 17th free haircuts will be given to those Father’s suffering from the economic recession . The following days June 18th- June 20th free products valued over 37$ each are going to be given away for Father’s Day for Father’s who have lost their Jobs.   With a total of 9 in NYC, and one in forest hills, chances are there’s a salon conveniently located. Check here for locations.

The company is known for reviving the nostalgia of the past with scissor cuts, razor shaving  — mens version of a mani/ped? – Reamir has now added their own line of  natural grooming products including shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, shaving cream, aftershave, cologne, hair-wax scalp therapy and their one and only gel + leave in conditioner.

With the recession cutting so deep, we hope more companies pick up the spirit.

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