EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: David Carradine Lawyer Claims Foul Play In Actor's Death!

David Carradine’s lawyer Vicki Roberts drops a bombshell to RadarOnline.com, saying that she believes that “there may have been foul play,” in the actor’s suspicious hanging death Wednesday in Thailand.     

“I believe that there may have been foul play.  Anybody could stage a suicide after a murder.” Roberts told  RadarOnline.com Thursday night while attending the screening of the movie Being Michael Madsen at the Dances with Films Independent Film Festival (www.danceswithfilms.com). 

Roberts is an attorney who performed the marriage ceremony between David and his current wife Annie and she also served as his attorney in his nasty divorce from Marina in 2001. Documents (www.smokinggun.com) that were sealed in the divorce contain accusations from Marina that David was engaging in sexual behavior that was dangerous to his health and was involved in an incestuous affair. Roberts denies the allegations to RadarOnline.com and states that they were “extremely inflammatory and completely false.”

VIDEO:  Exclusive interview with Carradine’s ex-wife Marina Anderson reacting to his death

Watch the exclusive RadarOnline.com video of David Carradine’s attorney Vicki Roberts explaining why she thinks his death was definitely not suicide and was due to foul play.

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