EXCLUSIVE: Strangest Photo Ever Of Michael Jackson

It’s the strangest photo ever taken of Michael Jackson, showing the star sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber. It first surfaced in 1986 along with a report that it was part of Jackson’s plan to live to 150. Jackson later denied that report.

Hyperbaric chambers are used for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and treat the body with 100 percent oxygen at greater than normal pressure. The chamber is used in treating carbon monoxide poisoning and a number of other conditions. Saturating the body with oxygen has been found to have a number of possible health benefits and studies are ongoing involving the use of the chamber to treat various conditions.

At the time the photo of Jackson in the chamber was taken he was said to be sleeping in it regularly. He was at the height of his fame and loved the mystery and speculation that followed publication of the photo by the National Enquirer, according to a source close to the situation.

In a career that was filled with headline-making moments, this proved to be one of the most talked about.

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