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EXCLUSIVE: Source On Italian Set Of New Moon – Pattinson’s Abs Are Real and Steel!

RadarOnline.com has an exclusive account from the Italian set of New Moon – one that confirms Robert Pattinson’s body is super and natural, and that, not even extras can concentrate while he’s filming.

Our on-set source says that, despite the special affects abound in the vampire flick, the toned up bod belongs to RPattz and not a computer screen.

“He looks absolutely amazing, and the six-pack is real, so, so very real!” the source says.

Unfortunately, that very real six-pack could be costing New Moon‘s studio major bucks.

“There was plenty… to look at, but that didn’t stop many fans from blatantly ogling sexy, shirtless Robert,” the source says, “That meant they had to re-do the scenes over and over and over again, which was frustrating for everyone involved.”

Apparently, the extras couldn’t keep focused on their on-screen busy work, all breaking character to catch a glimpse of Rob.

While we’re fans of production going smoothly and, most importantly, on time — can you blame those extras one bit?