EXCLUSIVE: Sasha Baron Cohen Parties After Making Eminem Butt Of Joke

We don’t know if Eminem was in on the joke, but Sasha Baron Cohen and a group of pals were laughing and drinking after the MTV Movie Awards Sunday, after the Borat star crash-landed, bare butt-first into Eminem’s face.

The caper, however, was not well-received by all spectators, RadarOnline.com can report exclusively.

Partying at a West Hollywood celebrity hive, the Chateau Marmont hotel, the Borat funnyman boozed it up with pals, according to an on-scene source. As a girl walked by Cohen, she loudly told him, “You’re disgusting,” before walking away.

As for Eminem, we can tentatively assume he was equally disgusted and that Baron Cohan might be the latest soldier in the never-ending rap wars. (Photo: Splash News)

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