EXCLUSIVE: Redmond O’Neal Will Attend Farrah Fawcett’s Funeral

Sources close to Redmond O’Neal reveal exclusively to RadarOnline.com that Commissioner Jane Godfrey has signed a removal order allowing Redmond to attend the funeral of his mother Farrah Fawcett.

Redmond will be allowed to wear a suit and not his jail issued attire. The source adds Redmond is devastated by the death of his mother and is committed to his sobriety to honor her because he promised he would stay clean for her. 

The date of the funeral has not been determined.

Thursday afternoon, Redmond’s attorney William Flattery informed Commissioner Godfrey of Redmond’s condition. Redmond- who has been serving a jail sentence for violating his probation related to drug charges- was not required to attend today’s hearing.

Godfrey said Redmond was doing well in the program and his next progress report will be on July 9.

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