EXCLUSIVE: Redmond O’Neal Likely To Never See Ailing Mother Farrah Fawcett Alive Again

Actress Farrah Fawcett is said to be near death, and her son, Redmond O’Neal, will likely never see his mother alive again.

Redmond, the only son of Fawcett and her long-time love Ryan O’Neal, visited his ailing mom at her home on April 25th on a special pass that a judge had to sign off on. A source close to the family exclusively tells RadarOnline.com that it would be, “highly unlikely that a judge would sign off on another removal order as those are only typically granted for inmates to attend a funeral of an immediate family member. Redmond’s attorney was able to pull of a miracle for the visit that Redmond had with Farrah, and most likely won’t happen again.”

O’Neal, 24, will be in court Thursday for a progress report on his inmate in-treatment rehab program at Pitchess Detention Center in Santa Clarita, California.

Redmond has been at Pitchess for a little over a month, and has had no visitors. The source also tells RadarOnline.com: “Redmond has had a hard time at Pitchess, it’s a tough rehab program, but he is hanging in there.”

RadarOnline.com will be in the courtroom Thursday and will keep you updated.

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