EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Former Miss California Carrie Prejean Too Upset to Sleep Says Brother

Regardless of what you think about former Miss California Carrie Prejean, one can’t help but wonder how her bumpy rollercoaster ride of fame has been affecting her beyond her continued poised TV appearances. RadarOnline.com spoke exclusively to her brother Billy to gain some insight into Prejean’s current personal hell.

Click on the video to find out more of Prejean’s dream turned nightmare

“My sister didn’t deserve this!” Billy says. “She’s very upset, not being able to sleep. She’s beside herself.” 

“She doesn’t understand why all this is happening. It just feels like a bad dream to her. I’m sure she’ll make it through.”

Earlier on Friday, pageant director Keith Lewis fought back against Prejean’s public denials that she failed to live up to her contract.

Click here to read his play-by-play of her reign.

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