EXCLUSIVE: Gossip Girl Divorce Goes Global; Rutherford’s Ex Teaching Son German

Perhaps Kelly Rutherford saw the writing on the wall, given her preemptive strike to ban soon-to-be ex-husband Daniel Giersch from leaving the country with the couple’s children.

RadarOnline.com has learned that Giersch, a German businessman, has been teaching his son his native tongue.

“Daniel has been teaching Hermes german,” a source close to the situation reveals.

While it seems like a normal tradition for parenting on the International level, it turns out that Daniel isn’t exactly resting his laurels in U.S. soil.

“Daniel thought he was still going to become a citizen through his marriage to Kelly, but that [isn’t] happening because they weren’t married long enough for him to get his greencard,” the source reveals.

In court documents filed yesterday, Rutherford indicated fears that Giersch will up and take two-year-old Hermes and newborn Helena back to Deutschland.

She and her attorney are requesting the surrender of Giersch’s visa and a pending application for a visa.

Click here to see the court documents!

(Photo: Splash News)

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