EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Spent Nights At Jackson’s House

Dr. Conrad Murray spent some nights sleeping at Michael Jackson‘s house, his attorney told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview on Monday.

Insisting that Murray did not live with Jackson, the doctor’s lawyer Matt Alford told RadarOnline.com: “At Mr. Jackson’s request, Dr. Murray would sometimes spend the night with him, but Dr. Murray had a house in the Los Angeles area that he was staying at.”

Alford said some published reports erroneously reported that Murray lived full-time with Jackson.

A source close to the investigation told RadarOnline.com that prescription drugs were found in Murray’s car. His lawyer responded:”We are unaware of any prescription drugs in Doctor Murray’s car. The car was impounded by the LAPD last Thursday as part the investigation, which isn’t a criminal investigation. The LAPD has assured us this isn’t a criminal investigation.”

Asked about rumblings that Murray may have injected Jackson with Narcan,a drug used to treat an overdose victim, Alford told RadarOnline.com: “I’m unaware if Dr. Murray used Narcan on Mr. Jackson.”

Murray was questioned by Los Angeles police on Saturday. He is not a suspect. His attorney said that Murray has volunteered to stay in the Los Angeles area even though LAPD did not request that. Asked if Murray will attend Jackson’s funeral, Alford said: “I don’t know.”

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