EXCLUSIVE: Chaz Bono Engaged Says Store Owner

Currently taking steps to become a man, Chaz Bono is going to need all the support she can get as she undergoes the difficult process. At her side is her longtime girlfriend Jennifer Elia and RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that the two may be engaged! A shop owner revealed that Bono came into his store a few years ago and purchased a ring. 

“Chastity came in here a few years ago to buy an engagement ring for her girlfriend. A couple of her friends brought her in here.” Steve of Mr. Steve’s Pawnshop said. ““She wanted something nice but didn’t want to spend too much. I can’t tell you how much she paid but she told me it was all her own money and not her mother’s money.”

“I was surprised she didn’t go somewhere fancy but she said she didn’t want it to be about her mother and getting anything because of her, she just wanted it on her own. She was really sweet.”

Steve describes the ring as “just a single diamond in white gold. Her friends told me that she gave it to her girlfriend for an engagement ring and the girlfriend really liked it.”

A friend of the couple also told RadarOnline.com that Elia “would wear the ring all the time. It wasn’t flashy, it was simple.”

The couple’s relationship has been a bedrock of strength for Bono. “Jennifer is the light of Chaz’s life. Chaz is basically a recluse, she never wants to leave the house but Jennifer is great for her,” the friend added. Plus Elia “gets along really well with [Bono’s mother] Cher.”

(Photo: Splash News)

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