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Don’t Mess With Miley Cyrus! Radio Interview Ended

Miley Cyrus‘ handlers made it clear Friday morning that they mean business, by hanging up the phone during the teen queen’s interview with a Florida deejay.

The chat with the MJ Morning Show started off strange with the Hannah Montana star, who is in Savannah shooting her next movie, ranting about how much she hated bugs. Then the radio host told Miley he got a list of things  he is verboten from bringing up and must focus on her tour and her music.

The superstar played along until MJ asked her if Jamie Foxx ever said he was sorry for slammin’ her.

“Have you ever received a personal apology from Jamie Foxx?”

That’s when the line goes dead!

Interview over and out! As MJ goes ballistic, all your hear is dial tone, he didn’t even finish asking the question.

The host said he doesn’t blame Miley, but her handlers for the hangup. (Photo: BeImages)