Disturbia: Rihanna Sued Over Neighbor’s Space Issue

Looks like Rihanna is getting acquainted with a new kind of Top Ten–ten different complaints from her neighbor.

The singer, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, is currently renting a home in the Hollywood Hills, where neighbor Christian Moeller is fuming over loud noise, plants that block his city view and what he claims to be an illegal wall built between the two properties.

Rihanna rents the property from owner Stephen Yacobian, who are both named in the suit complaining of abandonment of easement, extinguishing of easement, negligence, two counts of trespass, fraud, invasion of privacy, nuisance and violation of quiet title.

Within the myriad complaints, Moeller is furious about the constant presence of chauffeurs idling and using his driveway in transporting the pop star, tall bamboo plants that block his view of the city, an illegal wall built to extended her property and makeshift parking spots that violate street codes.

Moeller is asking for damages in light of the inconvenience, the removal of the intrusive shrubs, destruction of the wall and attorneys fees.

(Photo: Wenn)

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