David Archuleta’s Dad Charged with Solicitation!

American Idol runner-up David Archuleta’s father has been charged with soliciting a prostitute. James Jeffrey Archuleta got caught up in a January 14 police raid on the Reiki Massage Parlor in Midvale, Utah.  According to court documents, they found a female masseuse with a male client who admitted “receiving sexual gratification from said masseuse,” local TV station KSTU has reported.

He was cited with a misdemeanor and fined $582, waiving his right to counsel at the time.

Archuleta Sr. became famous as the Stage Dad from Hell during his son’s time on American Idol.  He was seen chewing out his young song for not performing up to his expectations.

Eric Bauer, the attorney representing Archuleta, claims this was the one and only time his client had ever been to Reiki Massage Parlor and went only for a back problem.  Bauer said sexual contact did not occur.

(Photo: Zuma Press)

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