Cher Breaks Silence Over Daughter’s Gender Reassignment

Cher has finally spoken out about her daughter’s decision to undergo surgery to become a man.

Chaz is embarking on a difficult journey, but one that I will support,” the singer said in a statement to People. “I respect the courage it takes to go through this transition in the glare of public scrutiny, and although I may not understand, I will strive to be understanding. The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child.”

Chaz’s stepmom Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack also told the magazine that Chaz had “discussed the matter thoroughly and consulted therapists and medical experts” over the past decade. revealed earlier on Wednesday that a store owner confirmed Chaz had bought a ring for longtime girlfriend Jennifer Elia many years ago.

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(Photo: WireImage)

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