Celine Dion: Husband Honored While Look-alike Son Looks On

Talk about passing along your genes! Rene Angelil was presented with the National Order of Quebec June 17, and standing at proud attention alongside the 67-year-old were his superstar wife Celine Dion and their son Rene-Charles.  It was the eight-year-old who drew much of the crowd’s attention though.  As he gets older, Rene-Charles is such a dead-ringer for his mom that he is sometimes mistaken for a girl; although the natty suit he wore on the podium made him a manly boy for the occasion.

Music manager and professional gambler Rene was hospitalized for a routine medical procedure last month, but he’s obviously doing well now. And he couldn’t have been happier to be honored in his native Quebec.

(Photo: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jacques Boissinot)

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