Britney’s Mom: I Won’t Shut Up About Sam Lufti

Lynne Spears, AKA Britney‘s mother, is fighting back against her daughter’s one-time manager Sam Lutfi in a new court filing obtained by

The latest legal salvo, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on June 15, has Lynne defending her rights under “constitutionally-protected freedom of speech” to speak out against Lutfi.  He’d filed a “SLAPP” lawsuit against her earlier this year. SLAPP – Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation – is basically an attempt to silence an opponent, and Lynne isn’t about to give in to Lutfi, who she had accused of drugging and taking control of Britney when she was at her most vunerable.

A hearing in the matter has been set for July 14.

Click here to see the court papers!

(Photo: Wenn)

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