Britney Spears Slashes Unsold Concert Tickets To $4!!!

Britney Spears is having a ‘fire sale’- by selling tickets for her London Circus tour for less than four bucks.

Unsold VIP standing tickets with a face value of over $150 were slashed to fill the O2 arena over the weekend, according to the UK Sun newspaper.

Promoters sanctioned the sale because they didn’t want a sea of empty seats to give off a bad image for the pop star.

The ‘sale of the century’ for Brit’s tour took place on the website

Promoters contacted the website – which specializes in getting rid of last minute tickets – after it became evident that certain areas were just not selling.

All of the cut-price tickets were sold although at roughly a $146 loss apiece.

But the loss didn’t seem to be troubling the wealthy songbird who was photographed taking her kids Sean Preston and Jayden James for a walk around London’s Hyde Park with her bodyguards and nannies in tow.

Tourists and local park workers watched as Brit and her entourage went for a walk around the park which is one of the most popular in London.

Her two sons have been given permission to travel to Great Britain after Britney paid for ex – husband Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince to come along too. (Photo: PCN)

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