BREAKING NEWS: Deal Struck In Chris Brown Assault Case

UPDATE: Judge says Brown must enter domestic violence classes.

UPDATE: Chris Brown has left the courthouse.  Inside court, judge explains to Rihanna a “stay away” order issued against Brown. He is to have no  personal contact with her, no phone calls to her, and must stay ten yards away from her if they are at a public event together for  five years from day of sentencing.

UPDATE: Brown family leaving courtroom. Sentencing is set for Aug 5 at 1:45pm PST.  Rihanna just came into courtroom –dressed in black and wearing pearls.

The District Attorney has read the charges to Chris Brown.  Judge: “Do you understand what you have been charged with. What is your plea?”  Brown responds: “Guilty to assault” Judge tells Brown he will not go to prison – but could if he violates conditions of his parole. Judge asks: “Do you understand this?” Brown responds:  “Yes ma’am.”

Only moments before Chris Brown‘s explosive preliminary hearing was set to begin Monday afternoon in Los Angeles, a deal has been struck in the case, thereby avoiding the dramatic confrontation between Brown and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna who was expected to testify against him in court today.

As part of the deal, Brown will spend 180 days community service.

He gets 5 years probation for assault.
is at the courthouse where the deal was just announced, and we will bring you updated information as we learn it.

(Photo: INF Daily)

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