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BREAKING NEWS: Danny DeVito’s Bizarre Live TV Interview: Beer-Hoisting at 8 AM!

Danny DeVito and his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast are on location in Philly for new episodes of the F/X comedy and at 8 AM this morning, he gave the local Fox news reporter Jenn Frederick an interview for the memory books.

Danny appears to be enjoying a thirst-quenching brew during the interview as he made Jenn squirm about everything from her height to childbirth.

Of course, anyone who knows DeVito also knows he is really a Limoncello man.  He even has his very own Danny Devito’s Premium Limoncello.  But could he enjoy an occasional 8 AM beer?

“It’s all a put on,” Danny’s rep tells exclusively, of the set-up in front of St. Joseph’s University in the city’s Overbrook district.

Either way, it’s likely the most fun TV interview of the day in sunny Philly.

You can check out more of the interview here!

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