Biggest Box Office Flubs

Disney/Pixar’s Up lived up to its name this weekend, maintaining the top spot at the box office with a $44 million intake, while Vegas-based Warner Bros. comedy The Hangover hit the box office jackpot to a profitable $43 million in revenues.

But Tinseltown was not the land of milk and honey in for all in June’s first weekend. Universal must be singing the blues Monday after Will Ferrell‘s Land Of The Lost, the $100 million would-be summer blockbuster, took in a lame $19.5 million despite a big name star, loads of special effects and advertising galore.

The studio can at least take solace that they’re not alone, as many other pricey movies with sky-high expectations have crashed and burned in theatres. Universal can only hope the film rebounds in upcoming weeks, or Ferrell & Co. will be joining this dubious list: the top ten list of Hollywood’s biggest busts.

Check out Hollywood’s biggest box office flubs!

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