For That Alive Look: Dead Sea Soaps

Cleopatra is rumored to have bathed in it and created the first “mud” mask from the salts and muds found in it. For centuries we’ve heard of the curative powers of the Dead Sea, located at the earth’s lowest point of elevation and modern civiliations bath in it, wash with its products and slather themselves with various skin creams made with its minerals.

Some people swear by Dead Sea products for psoriasis and other skin disorders, but by far it’s biggest application is for skin care regiments. We use the One With Nature soaps, which are 100% natural, feel fabulous and leave our skin soft and silky. (The colors come from naturally occurring colors in the minerals.)

The all-important  mineral quality of the Dead Sea is said to stimulate blood circulation and accelerates the natural exfoliation process, restoring the skin to its natural pH balance. Fans say it draws toxins from the body. We say it works.

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