VIDEO: Sportscaster Flubs Marijuana Story

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun? ESPN sportscaster Chris McKendry couldn’t stop laughing as she reported a story on former NBA player Corie Blount (pronounced “blunt”) getting sentenced to a year in prison on marijuana charges.

Click on the video to watch the hilarious segment

The basketball player pleaded guilty last month to two felony counts of marijuana possession stemming from his Dec. 4 arrest when deputies found 11 pounds of marijuana sent to him at a relatives house. Authorities later found another 18 pounds in his home.

Whether or not the judge was trying to be funny, he managed to give the line of the day after rejecting Blount’s excuse that the marijuana was intended for personal use and sharing with friends.

“Cheech and Chong would have a hard time smoking that much,” said Judge Craig Hedric. Well said.

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