EXCLUSIVE: Miss California Carrie Prejean Should Apologize Says Runner-Up

Fresh off of a flight from New York the day Donald Trump re-confirmed Carrie Prejean‘s Miss California title,  runner-up Tami Farrel spoke to RadarOnline.com about her take on Prejean’s statements, how the controversy has affected the pageant, and her own personal cancer scare.

“I think that everybody got to see her written responses as opposed to maybe her heart and I don’t know all that was going on with her,” Farrel said about the press conference. “I think that she came from a good place but I think the public would have been a little more welcoming to her and less scrutinizing had they heard an apology.”

The aspiring actress and a screen writer (she wrote a screenplay just for Will Farrell!) recognizes the upside of all the attention the ongoing controversy has attracted but admitted: “People always say that there’s no such thing as bad press and I think unfortunately it has shined a negative light on the program.”

Click one the video to watch the entire interview with the brainy beauty.

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