VIDEO: Hugh Hefner Fond of Fawcett, Blanks on Lindsay Lohan

Celebs and the scantily clad turned out to the Playboy Mansion on Saturday evening, where the magazine’s chief Hugh Hefner held his annual Stars and Stripes event to benefit U.S. soldiers.

Check out photos of celebs and playmates in body paint!
spoke with Hefner, as well as his blonde twin bookends Karissa and Kristina Shannon, where he took a moment to ponder past and future playmates.

“Very special lady,” Hefner said, reflecting on his relationship wit cancer-battling Farrah Fawcett.

“She appeared in the magazine first in the 1970s and, I think, almost every decade since,” said Hefner.

When asked about potential new playmates, one troubled actress didn’t even register to the 83-year-old.

When asked if Lindsay Lohan could make the cut for Playboy, her name had to be repeated several times before Hefner even realized who she was!

Fear not, Lindsay. Once it dawned on him, Hefner seemed open to the idea.

Watch our interview in the clip above!

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