Tyra Banks' Celeb Crush: Kenny G!

Tyra Banks sat down with Rachel Ray on Tuesday, dishing on the constant stream of supermodel hopefuls she’s subjected to and her surprising crush on a certain curly-cropped musician.

“Sometimes I’ll be on the airplane, this has happened multiple times, and the flight attendants walk up and down the aisles runway walking,” Banks said. She then mentioned a recent dinner with her mother that turned into a Top Model scenario, when a female patron “kept walking around and around and around.”

“My mom was like, is she trying to find the bathroom or is she doing an audition?”

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel takes it all in stride, however.

“I just go, ‘You’re fierce!”

Someone else who has caught her attention is Kenny G– her first celebrity crush. “Oh my god, I was loving some Kenny G!” the supermodel revealed. “He could blow that thing and I’d be like ‘yeah baby.’ Loved him!”

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