Mothers Day Messages: Open Letters to Tori and Candy

Legal eagle Gloria Allred and her daughter, television correspondent Lisa Bloom, have penned open letters to feuding family duo Tori and Candy Spelling. has exclusively obtained the letters, where the Allred women plead with the Spellings to cease public fire and embrace one another, for the sake of father/husband Aaron’s memory, as well the grandchildren.

“Your life is filled with the many blessings you have created for yourself.  Open your heart to your mom. She’s not perfect.  She’s made mistakes,” Bloom writes to Tori.

“I am sure that you’ve found that you can fill all of the many rooms of your mansion with beautiful furniture and collectibles, but you can’t mend the hole in your heart until you get your daughter back,”Allred urges candy.

Both Allred and Bloom extend open invitations for the Spelling gals to join them on Sunday for Mothers Day brunch and, most importantly, “no drama, no cameras.”

Open Letter to Tori Spelling from Lisa Bloom

Open Letter to Candy From Gloria Allred


(Photo: WENN)

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