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Susan Boyle Loses ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

She dreamed a dream, but came second place in reality–Susan Boyle has been named runner-up in Britain’s Got Talent.

Watch her final performance above!

Dance team Diversity stole top prize– a 100,000 GBP purse and the chance to sing before The Queen of England at her annual Royal Variety Show.

In mid-April, the 48-year-old first won hearts on the nationally televised hit before judges Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden.

“It’s the most important night of my life. When I step on that stage it’s the culmination of 40 years of dreaming – a lifelong ambition,” Boyle said before her performance.

Hailing from the Blackburn, West Lothian region of Scotland, Boyle became a YouTube sensation when she surprised the world with a stunning vocal performance despite her spinsterish appearance.

Not fixing what wasn’t broken, Boyle repeated the song today for her last shot at the title.

The always-fickle Cowell told Boyle, “Whatever happens, I’ve got to know the real Susan Boyle, who isn’t the person portrayed in the media. She’s still a very nice shy person who just wants a break.”

“You can walk away, win or lose, with your head held high – I absolutely adore you.”

Rounding out the top three was Julian Smith, a saxophonist.

(Photo: Rex USA)