Simon Cowell Won’t Let Susan Boyle Sing On Oprah

Susan Boyle ought not dream any dreams about serenading Oprah Winfrey.

Simon Cowell and Britain’s Got Talent officials have told the Scottish YouTube sensation she cannot sing in a satellite appearance she will be making on Winfrey’s talk show Monday.

Reasons for the gag order, according to, include wanting to save Boyle’s singing star power for their show’s semi finals, and not wanting to give her an unfair advantage with global promotion her rivals will not receive.

The Oprah episode, entitled “The Worlds Got Talent”, is expected to attract 10 million viewers.

A source told the Web site that Cowell, who will also appear on the episode, “wont be able to keep a smile from his face as the show just seems to be getting bigger and better.” (Photo: WENN)

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