Sam Lutfi Opposes Paying Spears' Legal Fees

Britney Spears’ former manager Sam Lutfi doesn’t want to pay attorney’s fees racked up by her father Jamie Spears for seeking the restraining order against Lutfi.  In court documents obtained by, Lutfi states, “The conservators requests for attorney’s fees, and costs in the total of $323,3587.02 of which $123, 124.08 is sought against Lutfi. The amount of attorney’s fees sought by the Conservators is, by any standards, excessive.”

A judge granted a permanent restraining order against Lutfi  for three years earlier this month, and Sam has already filed an appeal in that matter. Whether or not attorney’s fees will be paid by Sam or Jon Earldley will be heard on May 29th.

(Photo: FAME Pictures)

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