Ryan O'Neal Says Second Farrah Fawcett Documentary Forthcoming

Ryan O’Neal told The Today Show Monday that an emotional Farrah Fawcett was uplifted watching Farrah’s Story, the documentary about her tough battle with anal cancer, and that another project on the actresses’ life is forthcoming.

“We haven’t stopped filming, and we’re going to make a second installment on her life,”  O’Neal said in a telephone interview  with Today.  

O’Neal told host Meredith Viera that he could see Fawcett’s mood change for the better as she watched the well-rated NBC special.

“When we began watching it Friday night, she had [a] very low pulse,” O’Neal said . But as the film progressed, Fawcett’s pulse got stronger until it was fully normal. “It kept going up and up and up.  It was wonderful … We’re going to have to show her one of her films every night.”


(Photo: Splash News)

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