Roman Catholic Church Short One Cutie Today

Father Alberto Cutie, the Miami priest at the center of a scandal after a set of steamy pictures of him surfaced in tabloids, said he is quitting the Roman Catholic Church to join the Episcopal Church, which allows their priests to marry.

After the tabloid pictures, showing the supposedly-celibate man of God’s beach capers with beauty Ruhama Canellis, cost him his job with Miami Beach church St. Francis de Sales, the 40-year-old said of his supposed celibacy: “I didn’t stop being a man just because I put on a cassock. There are trousers under this cassock.”

Cutie received mixed reactions from the Roman Catholic community as the scandal unfolded, some enraged with his transgressions, others relieved the high-profile priest’s worst infraction involved an adult woman. The Episcopalian Church has critics within the religious community for its progressiveness, as the establishment frequently ordains women and homosexuals as priests. (Photo: AP Images)

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