Rob Lowe Settles One Nanny Battle, One More To Go

Rob Lowe has put one of his nanny headaches down for a permanent nap.

The actor and his former babysitter Jessica Gibson have both dropped suits filed against one another, cases that have been gestating for over a year.

In April of 2008, Lowe filed a preemptive suit saying Gibson was allegedly blackmailing he and his family for $1.5 million. He claimed Gibson would release a “laundry list” of false claims about the Lowes if not.

The Brothers & Sisters star even blogged about it on the Huffington Post.

Gibson returned Lowe’s suit with sexual harassment charges, where she claimed to have received inappropriate touches and was subject to sexual remarks from Lowe.

Reports say it is unknown if a financial settlement was reached for either party.

Lowe still has an ugly pending battle with another nanny, Laura Boyce. The pair will face off in court on Nov 16, both suing one another for breach of contract and sexual harassment.



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