Pamela Anderson: Sex Columnist?


Would you take advice from this woman?

A booker representing Pamela Anderson thinks so.

She’s testing the water for interest in a column where Pamela would dish out words of wisdom on sex and romance, motherhood and marriage. 

If she finds a taker, this won’t be the 41-year-old’s first venture into the world of Dear Abby.

In 2002, she did a column for Jane magazine.

While marriage has never been Pam’s strong suit; she’s divorced from Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, and had her quickie wedding to Rick Salomon annulled, Pamela has always been lauded as a great mom to sons Dylan and Bandon Lee.

The new face of Vivienne Westwood, Pamela is a fashion icon, of sorts as long as fur isn’t involved; that’s a definite no for this ardent animal activist.

She’s worked as a magician’s assistant, and there was that stint as a TV lifeguard.

Come to think of it, there doesn’t seem to be anything Dear Pam could dish about 

Maybe she could even help her former Baywatch costar David Hasselhoff sort out his life!

(Photo: Splash News)

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