Oy Vey! Phil Spector: The Bald Truth

Phil Spector is feeling a little exposed in jail.

As RadarOnline.com reported earlier, after his conviction for the murder of Lana Clarkson, Spector’s toupee was confiscated by the authorities. Wigs and other personal items are not allowed in jail.

Now we’ve learned that while Spector is in LA County Jail awaiting his May 29 sentencing date the balding music producer has repeatedly asked to wear a hat. He’s been turned down.

Spector then asked for, and was given, a guide to prison rules. One day later, a knowledgeable source tells RadarOnline.com, Spector informed authorities that he is an Orthodox Jew and needed to wear a yarmulke (translation for you bacon eaters: religious skullcap!).

Authorities had no choice but to grant Spector’s request and we now hear he is wearing a yarmulke the size of a Mexican sombrero!

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(Photo: Wenn)

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