NEW PHOTO: Victoria Principal Spotted After Gun Incident

Former Dallas actress Victoria Principal has gone public for the first time since the bizarre gun incident with a maid at her Malibu home.

Looking stunning and relaxed Principal, 63, took a stroll Monday along a Malibu beach with a male companion near the location where the alleged incident took place.

Dressed casually all in black with some hip UGG boots, the former Playboy pin-up showed of her trim figure that once sent male pulses racing around the world.

Lawyers for the star’s former maid Maribel Banegas claim that Principal pulled a gun on their client and threatened to kill her after she took too long to walk the star’s dog.

They allege the actress went berserk with Maribel because she wasn’t pampering her Mei-Ling pooch and that the maid thought she was going to be murdered when she returned to the house.

But the star – who has lodged her own lawsuit at Los Angeles Superior Court – alleges that Banegas threatened her before seizing her dog and locking herself in the star’s guest house. exclusively broke the maid’s 911 call where she can be heard screaming hysterically that her boss had pulled a gun on her to the dispatcher.

When police arrived on the scene the multi-millionaire actress turned beauty product mogul was not formally charged with any offence.

Principal is suing Banegas for trespass, civil extortion and animal cruelty — the actress who played wholesome Pam Ewing for nine years throughout the Seventies and Eighties has not denied pulling a weapon on her employee and threatening to use it.

Principal – who has admitted to some plastic surgery — puts down her youthful looks to a healthy diet, getting 10 hours sleep per night, doing yoga and of course using her expensive line of beauty products. (Photo: Splash News)

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