EXCLUSIVE: Neighbors Defend Lohan After Cops Respond to Alarm

The world may be chuckling at the story that police officers (who were responding to a tripped burglar alarm) thought Lindsay Lohan’s house had been ransacked since it was so messy, but neighbors defended the actress to RadarOnline.com and gave some insight on the possible theft that could have occurred if the alarm had not been set off.

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“They bashed the camera outside her house and punched two large holes in her hedge to see if she was around,” a neighbor said. “The photographers are always hanging around and they know when she is in town or not, so, they could have easily tried to break-in.”

“I know she gets a poor reputation but the truth is that she’s not that bad a neighbor and pretty much keeps herself to herself when she is at home. We have seen her mom and sister at the house and they like to sit out in the back garden which is secluded from the street and hidden away from the photographers.”

Initial reports claimed that the house had been ransacked and that there were pry marks on the back door and tampering with a rear window. But it’s understood that nothing was actually taken from the property which has several bins full of trash outside the main gate.
One CCTV camera has clearly been cut while two large holes have been punched in the front hedge just as the neighbors revealed.

A police spokesman told Radar that they are still investigating the incident and Lohan’s rep did not immediately return a request for comment.

(Photo: Wenn)

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