Miss California May Lose Crown Today Says Source

Carrie Prejean may not be Miss California for too much longer!

A source told RadarOnline.com that there are discussions being held about possibly de-throning the reigning Miss California after she lied about revealing pictures from her early modeling days which surfaced this week. Despite her grandmother Jeanette Coppola telling RadarOnline.com exclusively that “[Prejean] is not worried about losing her crown,” that may just be what happens to Prejean by the end of Wednesday.

RadarOnline.com had also learned that Donald Trump– who is the owner of the pageant- has met with the beauty queen and even asked to meet with her again on Thursday. 

As for criticism that Prejean changed her platform from the Special Olympics to advocating a traditional marriage model, Kim Pine, a rep for the Special Olympics in Southern California, denied any change.

“I actually don’t think she’s abandoning us, I just think the other topic is probably getting more attention,” Pine told RadarOnline.com. “I have talked with her and she expects to support Special Olympics as her schedule allows. I heard the USA Pageant said she hasn’t attended any [SO] events, but we haven’t asked her to! They are all in the future. The Olympics are in the summer.”

(Photo: AP Images)

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