Meet ‘Diversity': The Dance Troupe That Stomped Susan Boyle

To defeat the cultural juggernaut that was Susan Boyle, one would suspect it would take ten men from the streets of East London.

And that’s precisely what did it on Saturday, when the dance troupe Diversity bested Boyle for the crown on season three of Britain’s Got Talent.

The ten, consisting of three sets or brothers and four friends, hail from the Dagenham, Leytonstone and Essex neighborhoods of London. Their intricate routine sampling various high octane beats floored judged and, obviously, the country.

Watch their winning performance above!

Even runner-up Susan Boyle gave credit where it was due.

“They’re very entertaining,” she told judges.

Some of the men in Diversity are still students, while older members hold down ordinary day jobs such as telesales and IT support.

The boys claimed about $160,000 in prize money, and will perform for The Queen of England at her annual Royal Variety Show.

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