Madonna & Jesus Deny Being Lovers

Madonna’s boy-toy lover Jesus Luz has opened up about the superstar claiming that she is ‘beautiful’ with no ‘visible faults’.

In an interview with Brazilian television conducted in Portuguese, the male model – who is 28 years younger than Madonna – was very praising of the ‘Material Mom’ while insisting they were just “friends.”

He said: “She is a person I admire a lot, a friend in my life, who I remain in contact with. But apart from that I cannot say more. She’s my friend, only a friend – there are no wedding plans, no wedding presents, she’s just a friend, who I speak to frequently as I do with my friends in Rio de Janiero.”

The unlikely pair met during a photo shoot for W magazine in Brazil last December and have increasingly been seen out with one another in New York. Luz has met the star’s three children David, 3, Rocco, 8, and Lourdes, 12, while also attending Kabbalah services with the family.

The model’s father, Luiz Heitor Pinto da Luz had recently revealed that the couple intended to exchange vows and that they were already living together.

These rumors increased when Luz was seen out in a jewellery store on Rio but Madonna’s spokesperson said the rumors were “completely and totally untrue.”

The performer divorced her previous husband British director Guy Ritchie, 40, in November, 2008, after the couple had been married for seven years.   She cited ‘unreasonable behavior’ on her divorce petition although he did not try and take a large chunk of her estimated $300 million as part of their settlement. (Photo: WENN)

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