LA City Attorney Looking At Kiefer Case — No Immediate Action Expected

Kiefer Sutherland‘s alleged headbutting incident last week has drawn the attention from the Los Angeles City Attorney, and they have reached out to the NYPD, has confirmed.

That does not, however, necessarily spell bad news for Kiefer, who is on probation in California. A source close to the case told, “The City Attorney won’t do anything until all the facts are in from the NYPD. The City Attorney will wait until the NYPD concludes their investigation, and if Kiefer is actually charged with a crime. “Reports are still being taken, witnesses still being interviewed. Kiefer was only issued a desk ticket from the NYPD. That is it.”

Kiefer got some help today from Brooke Shields when she issued a statement stating that the alleged victim of Kiefer’s headbutt, Jack McCollough did indeed bump into her and Kiefer became concerned. She says that Kiefer has always been a perfect gentleman around her.

(Photo: Splash News)

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