Katie Holmes is An Idol Rule-Breaker

Katie Holmes loves music and she probably thought her adorable daughter Suri Cruise would as well but by taking her to the American Idol performance finale she violated one of the show’s cardinal rules.  “Minimum Age to attend: 6 yrs old” is clearly stated on the material that was sent in advance to everyone who was given a ticket to the event.

With fans screaming from start to finish during the hour-long show, little Suri was seen trying to cover her ears, and with good reason.  The National Communication Disorder Institute reports that 85 decibels and above can cause damage to the inner ear and may result in hearing loss.  Concerts fall around 105-110 decibels.  Hopefully Tom Cruise’s pride and joy wasn’t sitting too close to Adam Lambert when he let loose on one of his classic screams!

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