Joan Rivers Wants to Know: How’d You Get So Rich?

Donald Trump isn’t the only one who wants to hire Joan Rivers.  Hot on the heels of winning The Celebrity Apprentice, the blunt-talking comedienne has signed on to host TV Land’s new series, “How’d You Get so Rich?”

Rivers will pose the question—with her signature, sassy delivery—to a different millionaire in each episode of the six-part series. From business-minded executives to the rags-to-riches inventor of BillyBob teeth, the show will focus on wealthy folks who made their money in unexpected (and sometimes weird) ways.

Rivers will also scrutinize their spending habits and go inside their over-the-top mansions. (And judging from this photo, will also take to their tennis courts, Hermes bag in hand.)

The show is set to debut on August 21.

(Photo: TV Land Robyn Andrzejczak/Picture Group)

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