My Vice

Sienna Miller likes the “Crybaby”, Kate Bosworth wears the “Evil” and Lindsay Lohan has been snapped in the new “Red Hot” model. Celebs love their over-sized Jee Vice (pronounced “G-Vice”) sunglasses, which look fashionable while giving them some privacy from the paps.

Hand-designed in France and made in Italy, the line features two collections, the Revolutionary Correct and Optic Couture.

“I want to give women a new way to demonstrate their power through their look,” says Philippe Vergez, the company’s founder and designer. “Jee Vice gives them the desire to love, live their passions, to fully commit themselves and raise the limits for value among the young woman of today.”

That’s asking a lot of a pair of sunglasses, but once I put on my “Egoist” selection I did feel more confident and while not ready to star in a major motion picture, the compliments didn’t hurt my ego one bit.


Click Here For pics of celebs wearing Jee Vice shades.

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